My Vow for 2018

The world this year has offered us
Two thousand and seventeen favours,
So be grateful for all the love you share
With family, friends and neighbours.

But global news has been quite dire –
A veritable scumbag fest.
It’s despots, cheats, and arms dealers
Who are feeling most hashtag-blessed.

To counter this, what can I do?
What methods can one man employ?
I’ve ended up with a single plan:
To radiate more light and joy.

And so I’ve decided to start a blog;
I offer no humble apology
For this project, unconnected with work,
That I’m calling Oscology.

I’ll share our stories of corporate life
With humorous human dimensions.
Then added to that, we’ll barter our thoughts,
And playful poetic inventions.

For now please follow me on LinkedIn,
On Facebook, and also on Instagram.
I’ve already purchased,
But I’ve yet to complete all the flimflam.